Bedding Boxes

Speed Shore Bedding Boxes eliminate the waste of expensive bedding material while maximizing equipment efficiency at the jobsite. The loader operator remains productive, with no wasted time waiting to load and place bedding material in the trench. The loader is free to perform other jobsite tasks while occasionally restocking the Bedding Box.

Utilizing a Speed Shore Bedding Box behind the excavator allows material to be easily retrieved and placed efficiently in the trench, precisely when and where needed. With a clear view into the trench, the excavator operator places the bedding material quickly, with no waste. The excavator can also easily reposition the Bedding Box as work progresses; a task made easier with the standard lifting/walking bar. Speed Shore’s heavy-duty Bedding Boxes are manufactured with high-tensile steel to assure long service life.

High-strength tubular construction, combined with half-inch plating on bottom and ends minimizes routine wear and tear from bucket contact. Full-length skid bottom reduces damage caused by dragging, while the unique “radius-pipe skid bar” prevents material accumulation (plowing effect) as the box is pushed forward. Lifting/Pulling lugs are standard, and optional Drag Bars can be ordered to optimize handling.

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