Slide-Rail System

Speed Shore's Slide-Rail System is a modular, high-capacity shoring system for use in the most difficult excavations. Poor soil conditions, and trenches with adjacent structures or crossing utilities, are routine challenges for Speed Shore’s Slide-Rail System. The double-walled steel panels slide into tracked rails as earth is excavated, virtually eliminating soil movement and loss of support encountered in typical open-cut excavations. Speed Shore’s Slide-Rail Systems offer a cost-effective alternative to “tight sheeting” methods.

The system is easier and faster to install, requiring significantly less labor. The “modular components” (panels, corner rails, linear rails and cross braces) allow lighter equipment to handle the system, in tight working conditions. Slide-Rail Systems provide superior shoring protection for utility installations, bore pits, point repairs, tank pits, vaults and shafts. Various combinations of corner and linear rails, combined with high-strength panels, allow for shoring of linear, square or rectangular excavations up to 32 feet deep.

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