Tuff-Lite Shields®

Speed Shore’s innovative Tuff-Lite® steel trench shields are one of the newest additions to the industry’s most comprehensive line of trench shielding products. Its unique tubular design redefines lightweight, high-capacity shielding. Boasting the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any double-wall steel shield on the market, Tuff-Lite® shields are built to last.

These rugged, durable shields are designed especially for contractors and municipalities who utilize lighter excavators, but require higher capacities for deeper trenches or poor soil conditions. Available in a full range of sizes and configurations, Speed Shore’s Tuff-Lite® shields offer a comprehensive array of standard features and options. Heavy-duty lifting and pulling eyes, replaceable push blocks, thru-wall spreader sockets and foam-filled walls are just a few of the many standard features. All spreaders are fully inter-changeable and knife-edge bottoms are available as an option.

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