Modular Aluminium Panel Systems (MAPS)

Speed Shore’s Modular Aluminum Panel System (MAPS) is engineered for high strength, ultra-light weight, and ease of handling. Comprised of modular panels, end-members, and adjustable spreaders, the system is light enough for transport by pickup, and can be quickly configured for 2, 3 or 4-sided applications. A two-man crew can readily assemble the system by hand for rapid placement in the trench by a rubber-tired backhoe or mini-excavator. 

The foam-filled, double-wall aluminum panels are available in a full range of standard sizes to 16 feet in length. Extruded end-members, available in lengths from 2 to 10 feet, allow easy pin-and-keeper connection of panels and spreaders in various combinations, forming the exact configuration required at the work site. Various spreader options are available, to include adjustable telescoping steel spreaders, hydraulic cylinders and screw jacks. 

The MAPS system is ideal for utility maintenance and repair, cable splice pits, plumbing repairs, gas, sewer and water taps, and other light utility installations–including trenchless technology pits.  Speed Shore’s Modular Aluminum Panel System is the preferred choice for municipalities, contractors and utilities seeking an extremely versatile, lightweight trench safety system.

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