Manhole Braces

Speed Shore’s Manhole Braces are a unique 4-way hydraulic shoring system specifically designed to shore excavations for manholes, vaults, bore pits, and tank installations. They are constructed of aircraft-grade aluminum hydraulic cylinders enclosed within rugged telescoping steel sleeves. Each Manhole Brace ring consists of four hydraulic legs that work in conjunction with one another to form an active shoring system.   Available in two and three- inch cylinder versions, Speed Shore’s Manhole Braces have an effective stroke of 36” in all directions and is capable of covering spans of up to 30 feet by 30 feet. 

Each leg of the system is independent for ease of transport and assembles on-site in a matter of minutes. The system features non-rigid corner brackets, heavy-duty lifting eyes, and quick-connect pins and keepers to form one of the most versatile shoring systems in the industry.

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