Vertical Shores

Speed Shore’s aluminum hydraulic Vertical Shores® are the safest, most versatile means of shoring an excavation. Typically, one worker can safely shore a trench as quickly as it is excavated, allowing the excavator to operate at full digging capacity. Active pre-loading of trench walls maintains vertical trench sides, preventing soil movement and optimizing work space.

Excavation requirements are minimized, thus reducing fill and compaction needs, and dramatically lowering cost per foot of trench. Designed to shore vertical trenches as well as less uniform excavations, Vertical Shores offer optimum versatility when restrictions are imposed by parallel or crossing utilities. In more stable soils, Vertical Shores may be used directly against the trench face. When conditions indicate trench face sloughing or local raveling, plywood or similar sheeting may be used in conjunction with Vertical Shores.

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